About Our Kauai Kids Art Studio


Kristy Maligro and Shannan Morgan are two mamas who love all things art. They have teamed up with  KUGA  to form the visual art extension so that more keikis can be taught and encouraged in their art skills. They strive to build confidence in each child as they guide them through their artistic journey. They give them a foundation of visual arts and the tools to express themselves. KUGAVA is proud of the safe environment they have created where others’ opinions can’t crush creative spirits!

About KUGA:
Kauai UnderGround Artists plant seeds of creativity via dance. music. lyrics. & our most recent extension of visual arts.  KUGA is a non-profit, drug & alcohol free project. Committed to the development of children and young adults in a positive and creative environment. We promote a clean and healthy lifestyle by words and action.  We value relationships to the fullest and strive to pull out the best in others. KUGA is family with family values. Respect, integrity, and love.
We place great value in art classes at KUGA for the students to learn art techniques, vocabulary, and processes while at the same time being given the opportunity to express their ideas, exercise their imagination, and make new connections. The process is just as important as the end product. Experimenting with how a certain tool makes a certain mark and what works and what doesn’t is critical in the student eventually developing his or her own style. Our studio is a place where they’re given the freedom to figure out what works and what doesn’t and why that is. That said, the end product is also of great value. We strive to lead classes that do not result simply in cookie cutter arts & craft projects but one’s where the student can bring projects home that not only are  they proud to hang on their wall but the parents are stoked to have in the house as well.
What makes us unique? Our teachers are invaluable to making this whole program run. Each one is uniquely talented in their own area of art expertise. Art is the platform through which we teach respect (self, others & the supplies at hand), integrity (the quality of being honest & having strong moral principles) and value (in each student and all their imaginations bring to the table as well as in how we do business).

e m a i l: KugaVisualArts@gmail.com

p h o n e: (808)482-9808

l o c a t i o n: 2-2436 Kaumualii Hwy Kalaheo (Old Scotty’s music) AND beginning October 2017, 3540 Koloa Road in Lawai (technically it’s still Kalaheo but everyone know it as Lawai)

m a i l: P O box 703 – Kalaheo, HI 96741


Shannan has extensive art knowledge having grown up basically in her dad’s art gallery. She is particularly gifted in soft pastels and drawing and gleans world wide art styles and techniques as she travels back and forth to Africa with her 3 kids and husband. You can learn more about the non-profit that was birthed out of those adventures here. She and her family are a huge gift to Kuga Visual Arts and we couldn’t be more stoked to have her talents put to use there.

Kristy was raised exposed to the arts and creativity at a very early age. She majored in art at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California. Her current favorite art forms include, but are not limited to hand lettering, graphic design and painting. She founded “the Wren Collection” and enjoys designing kids clothing under that label which her hubby, Kyle, prints at  INKY POP PRINT SHOP, their family owned print shop. Together they have 3 children so aside from all that she just loves sharing a passion for and skills in various visual art forms and seeing kids thrive in confidence, creativity and joy in learning.

Seth As a talented and efficient mural artist, Seth has completed murals of all sizes in the United States, Central America, South East Asia, and Australia.  He is highly skilled in drawing and excels at large and challenging the canvases!  He is a huge asset to KUGA and serves the youth in such a fun, rad creative way. To see art he has completed click here.

Tyme (picture to come!) loves inspiring kids to create! Throughout her life her passion has been exploring and studying art through various forms, from dancing, to visual arts, to theater and photography. She has taught Montessori Preschool Art on Kauai, along with elementart art at Island School and currently she is overjoyed to be part of KUGA teaching the littles keiki who are 2-4 years old.

Siobhan (pronounced Sha-von) has a background in Ealy Childhood Education (E.C.E.) specifically in evironmental education, her teaching experience ranges from working with autistic children at the Loveland Academy in Honolulu, assiting through the Honolulu Academy of Arts to teaching at preschool. She currently works at the Koloa Early School and jumps in teaching visual arts at KUGA as she can. Siobahn’s love for creative expression and gentle teaching style makes learning an enjoyable process for every child that takes her class.

Barbara (picture coming soon!) moved to Kauai about a year ago from New Mexico and has years of experience working with elementary aged children. She is a perfect fit for KUGA and nurtures creativity well. We couldn’t be more thrilled about getting a kiln (formerly belonging to Barbara!) in January because she is going to take KUGA to another level as we get to offer pottery to young and old on Kauai.

Jodi (picture coming soon!) has extensive knowledge of Fashion Design and Textiles and has her Masters Degree in Graphic Design with a specialization in Fashion Illustration. She has had her own clothing company called “A Jodi One-Off”, mostly for the entertainment business, the theatre and music industry where unusual and unique clothing is essential, but also designed for the European fashion and textiles market. She also worked as a costume designer for the BBC & was a college instructor for 19 years in both the UK and America in everything from Fashion Design, Illustration, Printed Textiles to Pattern Making. She illustrated for Vogue, Cosmopolitan and “19” magazines in England. Needless to say, this woman is legit! She knows her stuff and we are honored to have her lead a class on Fashion Illustration as well as some workshops this upcoming session at Kuga Visual Arts.

+ P O L I C I E S +

:::::::Missed Class:::::::

Due to scheduling and purchasing of supplies we cannot give refunds or make-up classes when your child misses a class or is ill.

:::::::Full Class:::::::::

You will be fully refunded if a class is full and your child will be put on a waiting list. We limit each class to 10 artists so that we can give them more space and more of our loving attention.

::::::::::Share Your Art Not Your Germs:::::::::::

If your child is too sick to go to school then they are too sick for our class. Please keep your child home if they have a fever, barking cough, or green goo pouring out their nose.

+ G I F T       C E R T I F I C A T E S +

If you would like to purchase a gift certificate please email us or come to the studio for info on how this works. Aloha!


• The arts teach kids to be more tolerant and open.
• The arts allow kids to express themselves creatively.
• The arts promote individuality, bolster self-confidence, and improve overall academic performance.
• The arts can help troubled youth, providing an alternative to delinquent behavior and truancy while providing an improved attitude towards school.


Young people who participate in the arts for at least three hours on three days each week through at least one full year are:
• 4 times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement
• 3 times more likely to be elected to class office within their schools
• 4 times more likely to participate in a math and science fair
• 3 times more likely to win an award for school attendance
• 4 times more likely to win an award for writing an essay or poem

Young artists, as compared with their peers, are likely to:

• Attend music, art, and dance classes nearly three times as frequently
• Participate in youth groups nearly four times as frequently
• Read for pleasure nearly twice as often
• Perform community service more than four times as often

(Living the Arts through Language + Learning: A Report on Community-based Youth Organizations, Shirley Brice Heath, Stanford University and Carnegie Foundation For the Advancement of Teaching, Americans for the Arts Monograph, November 1998)
The facts are that arts education…

makes a tremendous impact on the developmental growth of every child and has proven to help level the “learning field” across socioeconomic boundaries.

(Involvement in the Arts and Success in Secondary School, James S. Catterall, The UCLA Imagination Project, Graduate School of Education & Information Studies, UCLA, Americans for the Arts Monograph, January 1998) has a measurable impact on youth at risk in deterring delinquent behavior and truancy problems while also increasing overall academic performance among those youth engaged in after school and summer arts programs targeted toward delinquency prevention. (YouthARTS Development Project, 1996, U.S. Department of Justice, National Endowment for the Arts, and Americans for the Arts)


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