Building a whole new space ain’t cheap! We are currently accepting donations in the studio and online HERE. Our donors help keep this whole thing rollin’ – thanks for being a part of our growth!

If you love art like us and believe in what we are doing then there are three different ways you can help!

__________S p o n s o r   a   y o u n g   a r t i s t_________

In some cases keiki or teens here on Kauai would LOVE to take art classes but their family cannot afford for them to do so. We are stoked that we can offer a few limited scholarships but please help us continue to keep this as an option to offer anyone who asks. A 4 week session is $50 and workshops vary depending on what is being taught. Your donations are tax deductible so let us know if you want a form.

______S u p p o r t   K U G A    V i s u a l   A r t s   P r o g r a m_____

    The amount is up to you. This money goes toward operating costs like supplies and overhead (rent, electricity etc) necessary to keep the program running. Often times when we search for grants those grants will NOT cover expenses like these.

The other main huge expense we’re currently dealing with is the build out of our new location at Warehouse3540. This space has so much potential and we have big dreams for all that happen here to serve the youth (and even adults) on Kauai propelling people to love life through creating art. Want to help see this through? Click HERE

_________D o n a t e    S u p p l i e s_____________

Here’s some items that we could use:

Any markers, pencils, paints, paper, popsicle sticks, tape, styrofoam trays (washed), cardboard (cereal box weight) flattened, hot glue guns/glue, old frames, house paint, plywood wood scraps, nails, glitter, wire, working printer/scanner with software, laptop, & a Chevy SS Camaro (just seeing if you read this far.)

Call 634.2145 or email to schedule a drop off. Mahalo!

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