For years KUGA has been providing opportunities for our youth to come together via dance and art and we’ve created a welcoming community for them to express themselves creatively. We’re proud to announce that we’re taking this idea of community a step further and we’d like to invite your child to join in the movement.

What: We’re hoping to develop a student led initiative that seeks to create more inclusive environments in our schools and across our island.

Who: This movement is open to all middle school and high school students. Boys and Girls. You do not have to be a KUGA dancer or artist, so please spread the word!

When: Thursday’s, 6-7pm. We will meet 2 evenings each month to discuss, encourage, and equip students to become community leaders and prioritize a positive atmosphere on their campuses. Generally these will always be the 2nd & 4th Thursday of each month except for the first month (which will be August 16th & 30th)

Our focus: Our focus will be to inspire, interact with, and impact those around us. We will be equipping and encouraging teams of KUGA students to be advocates of kindness within their schools. We will support them as they promote a more inclusive school environment by learning how to recognize those who are alone and/or struggling, reminding them of their worth, and inviting them into an on campus community.

What we believe: Our lives and our stories are important. Everyone deserves to feel seen and supported. We believe that even small efforts have the power to change lives.

Further questions? Please contact: Kristen Jung at 482-1107
Or krs1b@hotmail.com